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What's that in Santa's sack?


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Have you made your list yet?


1. Good practice amp for my studio (Egnator Rebel 20 would be nice)

2. R9 (nice flame top, well matched figure or one piece flame)

3. Wha Wha pedal




4. multi FX unit to go with the amp


I reserve the right to keep on adding to this list as we get closer to the holidays... =D>

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-Gibson SG standard in Natural Burst.

-Fender American Standard or Deluxe Strat.

-Electro Harmonix Guitar Micro Synth.


That what I am sure about and should be here by december the 24th.


But I'd like to have a les paul faded doublecut with p90s and a 2 pickup melody maker too.

And a les paul reissue with p90s or that les paul classic with H90s I was bidding on ebay but lost.

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An open minded bassist and drummer without substance abuse problems or whacked out old ladies.



Isn't that like asking TOO MUCH!?!?


You either a) believe in santa or :-$ you are santa.



I am going to go as far as saying c) you are jesus.



I know of no other 2 persons that could make what you ask for happen.


Best of luck with that man.

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Drum machines are much more dependable than drummers.


Q: What do you call a guy that hangs around with musicians?


A: A drummer


Yeah....I like not having to worry about the drum tracks being on time or working with some idiot that doesn't know how to play for the song...Just program what you want....These days you can get a really good drum sound with a drum machine.

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damn it must really suck not having a drummer for a brother

hahahahaha i've got a living drum machine that i've jammed with for 10 years!



p.s. nothing' date=' NOTHING beats a real drum kit[/quote']


If said drummer can actually play in time while recording....Very true....if not I'd take a drum machine over someone who can't play in time.

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