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What is the function of a tap tempo?

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I play a telecaster through a vox ac15 on Wednesdays form my church. Should I get a tap tempo delay? I really like the aqua puss but the does not have a tap tempo. I like warm delays. What does a tap tempo actually do and how do you use it? If I'm playing quarter notes really fast I just tap it as fast as I'm going and then the delays mimic that? I don't understand.

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Personally I think it's pretty easy to just set the time where you want it with the knob.


Basically you just hit the button with your foot to the tempo of your song and it sets the delay time to that tempo. Some delays can also do subdivisions based off the tempo you tap in.


One thing to keep in mind is that most tap tempo delays are digital. Not all of them but most. So if you're looking for an analog delay sound, most analog delays won't have tap tempo.

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I don't use batts either, cept for the wireless transmitter,, haven't figgered that one out yet, so I use rechargables...


and Vodoo power sups have sag bud! Best of both worlds!!




I use a couple cheap old realistic universal supplies I have for any thing like that, except for the ARTCoolSwitch. I use a couple of them to get more outs to more amps and such, and they just skwonk when plugged in, so I use batteries for them until I work out how to fix them. And then find the time to do it. And then actually do it instead of watching Project Runway or drinking a beer.



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I think I have just figured out what my next invention will be. A 9vdc wall wart for your wireless transmitter unit. GENIUS!

Doesn't that defeat the entire purpose of going wireless? It'd probly be better to just make a rechargeable transmitter with a long battery life.


But if you wanted to hook it up to a 9v DC wallwart you could just get a onespot and use the battery snap adapter.

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I know somebody who uses 2 echo parks during his gigs, what is the purpose and advantage of this?



Probably has two different "notation" settings, dialed in on each one, and based one what he wants, selects one or the other, that's one thing I could see using two for.

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