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1964 Gibson S1 (?) acoustic?


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I recently came upon a beautiful Gibson acoustic but can't seem to find any information about it. It's a sunburst dreadnaught with a serial number that seems to place it in late 1964. The only other marking (there's no label) is what looks like an S1 or SI (or possibly 1S or IS) stamped on the wood inside.


I'll try to post a picture later this afternoon, but has anyone ever heard of an S1 acoustic? And if so, can you tell me anything about it?




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Good rsminton - What you have there is the square shouldered version of the Southern Jumbo.

A very fascinating and funky guitar, which basically is a Hummingbird without the flora'n'fauna pick guard.

1964 is one of the fine years for this model. You should zoom in on it and yes please – send some more pictures.


By the way, look at my avatar and find a 1963 rhyme.


Welcome -

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