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New member and question!


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Hi everyone!


I've recently ordered my first Gibson ever and it should ship late this week/early next! i can't wait!

It's a Les Paul Junior in faded/satin white


My question is this: on the white faded model,is the fingerboard rosewood or ebony?

i've seen many conflictual description on the web about wich wood they use so i wanted know it once and for all!


be sure i'l post pic when i'll get it!






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Hi Christian, and welcome to the forum


if you open this link,




you will find specs for that guitar. This one is baked maple as Bence says, and yes, it feels and responds a lot like ebony


I have an 2012 SG Standard Limited fretboard is Baked Maple, also own an epi elitist Chet Atkins with an Ebony board, and indeed the feel and response is very similar.


you wont really notice anything different, except it may feel a bit more responsive to your touch.

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ok thanks for the reply guys! only had guitars with rosewood before...i wonder if i will see a difference with this one.

Hello! It will be definitely different. I like both woods. Rosewood has a warm feel, while the baked maple (and ebony) feels so solid, which I prefer for fast playing. Cheers... Bence

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