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Myth Buster on Tubescreamers Op Amps


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Yup. As you say, very interesting.


There's so much rubbish perpetrated about so many aspects of 'Vintage Tone' I suppose it should come as no surprise to discover the world of FX pedals isn't immune.

I would have loved him to have broadcast the names of the websites that were posting all the myths and misinformation about the various chips on show.


As well as the actual talk itself I was also interested in the reaction of the audience. Most of them seemed less than enthusiastic that all the talk about different chips was shown to be smoke-and-mirrors.


The most amusing bit (IMHO) was when one person - and one person only - thought they could detect a big difference in tone between the pedals.

After raising his hand to indicate his awareness of this change in tone he rounded it off perfectly by stating 'I'm a drummer.' Classic.



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God I love this! Someone should do the same thing with expensive tone capcitors, exotic NOS tubes, matt vs gloss finishing , cloth covered wire, old pots, and all the other "improved tone" snake oil that has become so prevelent.


Ever since the day the results of the double blind test of talented violinists playing real and reproduction stradivarius violins came out ( the results were, when deprived of the visual and contextual clues as to which was which, the majority of players picked a reproduction as the real thing) I've wished someone would do the same sort of tests with guitars. This is the closest thing I've seen yet.

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