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Ode to a rainy day.......Hummingbird content

bobby b

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Rained all day yesterday.

I recently tackled the task of learning ...... ( trying to learn :) ) "The Rain Song" by Led Zep. I had the day off so I figured I would play and rec a bit.

The song itself is 7+mins long so It will take a bit more practice to get through the whole thing. I find the last part really tricky to play smoothly so here is a sample of the start of what I have so far ......


Lemme know whatch think..... BTW, I am using the Hummingbird TV .... no reverb and just one mic (Shure SM81 )





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Thats fine Bobby.. good sound you got there with just your SM81

I play this also..but I attempt it in standard tuning.. doesn't work as well... but I'm lazy concerning differnt tunings. I mean to get around to have another guitar tuned to a differnt key..but I only have one Gibby..and I just wanna play her B)


well played

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This sounds awesome! I was just looking over the sheet music for it yesterday. I just purchased the Alfred's Platinum Edition Led Zeppelin which is amazing, and it's in it. I'm planning on attempting it also it's going to be a challenge for me but I'm going for it.

Thanks for your beautiful recording of it. Good to know how pretty it is as solo guitar. Great Job!

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1350912478[/url]' post='1272088']

ah , might as well be martian to me then, cant read music ...


thanks for replying though , i thought it was some new cd or somethin


i hope you're gonna post your attempts :)


Haha , was to me too a year ago. It's really very easy, pretty much follow the chords and rhythm patten shown per measure you don't need to read the notes. That's where I started and little by little you you pick up the other refinement notations. Looks more daunting than it is, really. But thru that and tab combined I can understand how to play a song even if I still can't execute it. :( Only been playing less than two yesrs. We'll see if it's worthy of posting. Lol

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Thanks for all the encouraging replies !! [biggrin]


I am getting the last part a lot smoother now, so I will prob try to record a complete run through in the next day or so.


It's one of those songs that I always meant to learn but never got around to, glad I did.


Cheers all.



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