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Rolling Stones revisited


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Crossfire Hurricane yesterday direct via satellite from the premiere in London.


The band winds the tape back and blow it out like an electric serpentine of ROCK'n'ROLL WILDLIFE. It is Stones after the big book. Lots of partying – decadence – brotherhood – catastrophe and triumph. And then this sub-stream of void, spleen and pain. The trip gets you up on the beat for sure, , , but also in a weird way hurts. Ronnie Wood seems to change that tuning. He simply is so happy to be a member of the band that it cheers up the basic stones themselves.


The film avoids clever after-thoughts and analyzes, which might serve the act best. 1963-1982 is the period. After that they grew up as Jagger says in the final line before curtain fall. Between quite a lot unseen footage and newly recorded forth running comments from the 6, this statement probably was the most surprising.


Acoustic Gibsons seen :


A Heritage played by Richards approx 1965.


The side of the first60's cherry Hummingbird from a long distance and the back of Jones' J-200, both from the well-known Godard movie '67/68.


And a few stills of the rosewood saddled blonde Bird from the southern France exile.


Nothing to write about really – but check the film for flash back in time. It is the real thing.

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