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Best ACDC rockumentary EVER!.. Let there be ROCK!!!


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Man I can't sit at my PC for 1 hour 33 minutes, but I'm sure it was great.

Saw AC/DC open for Aerosmith at about the same time.

AC/DC killed. By far the best opening band I ever saw.

The guys in Aerosmith were so wasted the only song they got right was 'Walkin' The Dog'.

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I'm not RS1976, but I'm assuming either old-style Marshalls or Wizard Vintage Classics.



i worked most of the morning unloading trucks like everyone else until we were pulled off two by two into various other departments. first i went to placing the monitors all along the giant ego ramp that extended out into the arena floor, then later i was on the PA crew.


as to what amps they used in the show, that was a backline set up. i was elsewhere helping to flying the stage left PA.


i have seen in other YT vids that show the Young Brothers using Wizards these days. but i'd bet my bottom dollar that the young brothers' sound comes from their chemistry as well as their individual tone.


thanks for this video. i watched it in full and felt like cheering!

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