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Bonamassa makes a Statement.


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Yeah it really doesn't get more done than that! Geddy Lee was once asked why Rush stayed together all this time. He said that "we never let our personal assistants get in our way (translation: don't put your ego before the band), and we always try to listen to each other's musical needs." Lifeson survived Geddy's keyboard years although he hated it (he said that he kept trying to turn up the guitar on the final mix of Signals). They also try to stay humble and remember their roots. They ARE a superband too. But most superbands can't seem to make it because their egos just seem to get in the way.

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I didn't know there was this band.


And really, not knowing anything, the article didn't tell me much. It wasn't well written, mainly, it quoted a lot without saying WHO said what quote.


I never met Joe, and I don't know him at all. But what I can say, is I have a lot of respect for him, his playing, and his work ethic. He got his ability through constantly playing and touring. And the man CAN play. And every time he makes a "public" appearance, he really comes off as a guy with class.


Never do you want to burn a bridge, even if you know you don't want to go there again. And saying anything bad, or even telling the truth when it IS bad. But there are times when it seems there is damage from not saying anything.


Ain't public life grand?

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