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This is one of the strats I built .


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I hope this is the proper place and posting a fender is not against the rules. I am not certain just how to post photo's.


I built this as my first strat. I stared building my own guitars in 1984 and wanted a strat yet the ones that at the time were not made all that well and the necks were to narrow and thin for me. It has an alder two piece body and a maple neck and rose wood finger board . The Pu's are 1980's ibanez strat PU's that I got 6 given to me as the owner of a guiter shop here in Los Anglels since I always bought all my parts from him , he was always kind enough to offer me a bag of used parts that sat around. I got the truss rod and bass frets from him. I used a aircraft aluminum U channel with the rod inside. Tuners are gotoh vintage style. The only power tool I had was a hand held jigsaw and a router and a benchtop drill press to drill with and also to sand the body shape to the cut line and spoke shaves , planes and fret saw and hammer and assorted files. I think the trem is also a gotoh and all I could get cheap was a left handed trem .


I built two others after all in the late 80's One sunburst ash body and seymore duncan SSL-1 PU's . The last one is hondurous mahagany body and fender texas specials and fender right handed trem and fender vintage tuners.


The one attached has a U-shaped wide neck , bone nut . Strings are .013 .016 .019 .028 .038 .058 round wound GHS. High action. For some odd reason the Ibanez strat PU's which are the same size as stock strat PU's sounds better than the other more expensive ones I have on the other two strats.

If there is a better way to add photo's let me know.

post-47818-094684700 1350764613_thumb.jpg

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Very cool......You can use "Photobucket" to post pics' it's free....

Thank you . I have photo bucket and tried that and there are 4 choices in photo bucket and I tried three and still just saw a box with a red x in the post. I see the insert image at the top on this forum and used that and it still did not work.

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