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these are the two amps I have built


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1971 fender MM bass amp that I got blown so I but it into a fender princeton 6G2 front end and 5E3 power section and allen amps tranny's .


The inside of the MM chassis it is also adj fixed bias.

111-1119_IMG.jpg My home brew fender champ with an older allen amps tweed narrow panel chassis and home made cab.


The back of the champ, top cover off.

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Very nice and impressive, but more importantly, how does it sound? Would you post a demo clip?


I wish I could provide a demo, I wouldn't even know to begin on how to do that. I just have a desk top computer and I don't know how to plug into that or if I even can.


The champ is wired exactly like a SF fender champ, all the componants are stock values only diff is it has a 10 inch speaker and since the chassis had a fender slide switch on the top I added a pot off the switch to have the stock VFB loop or a variable one. It really sounds just like a stock champ with a bit more bottm end.


The other amp has a weber sig 12 alnico in it and sounds very close to a BF princeton only cleaner with lots of bottom end. I had a weber 12 ceramic silver bell speaker in it at first but it had far to much bottom where to tone pot did n't react well. With the Allen amps tranny's I can run 6V6's or 6L6's . It was far to much amp for here so i have 6V6's in it. I used a 12ay7 pre amp tube in it to tame the gain down. It sounds great for blues. Well like I said wish I could offer sound clips as you know specs tell you nothing.

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