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Explain This To Me?


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My '03 J45 RW is getting a lot of hang time, (on the wall) because my Band is gigging pretty steady. I haven't done an acoustic gig in a few years. So I bought some Elixirs (Nano) for her, so she wouldn't get too nasty, but I could still play her during football games. (they do have a long shelf live, if ya know what I mean)


The package said.........




The statement alone makes my teeth hurt.


How is that even feasible? Much less profitable?


Are they shipped to China "unpackaged"? Just thrown in the freakin' boat?


The package was thrown out by mistake, but I'm going to try to find another one, I just bought em' semi local a few weeks ago.


I've been busy the last few weeks and forgot how freaking STUPID that statement is.



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