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The Venerable Bronco solidstate Tweed


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i've got a question that's likely best-suited for the Fender site, but I've got issues posting pictures there, and I figure that you have been so helpful before, you just might be able to help me this time.


I've got an old Fender Bronco solid-state with a nice upgraded speaker (8 ohms), and I've got a monster Hughes & Kettner 12" speaker cab with the Celestion classics (16 ohms). I connected the cab to the amp and the amp the the CC that you see in the picture, and it was pure heavenly bliss; however, when I turned the "fat" switch on, I lost the sound from the amp and only had the sound from the H&K cab. Upon unplugging the cab, I was back to the Fender without an issue. Upon replugging, It was merely the H&K all over again. My question, of course, is how do I get them both to sound at the same time (they did when I first plugged them in, so I assume there's got to be a trick).


In the meantime, I'm very much enjoying the little baby Bronco (which was monstrously bad before I put a little Weber alnico in it) through the H&K cab, because it sounds like I got the most massive upgrade you can ever imagine on that little POS. But again, if anyone's got a trick to get them both to play together, I'd appreciate it. I do have a second H&K cab, if that helps to straighten out the whole "ohm" issue (if that is, at all, the issue).



I appreciate your help,



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