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Chordbooks - Paul Weller etc


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I'm a big fan of fellow Epiphone player Paul Weller (he has a fair few differebt Epi and Gibson guitars). i have put together a few chord books of his songs. I also have done some for the Small Faces, Noel Gallagher, Oasis, The Beatles and Neil Young.


They are in PDF format - anyone who would like them can send me an email to dodgermod@yahoo.com and I'll email them your way.



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I'm a big weller fan and these are an absolute gem!!! I was expecting maybe 30 or 40 songs in all but this catalogue is huge.


Clearly organised by album (each of which, particularly on the weller solo collection, is superbly introduced with its own stylish impression of the mod father, great work dodger) each song is arranged for chords but with loads of base runs and licks tabbed out.


A lot of work has gone into these chord books and there is no doubt that they are a real asset to anybody with an interest in playing British guitar music. The 30 odd year career of one of the coolest people to ever walk the earth, is brilliantly mapped out in this collection and best of all, it's FREE thanks to dodger... What a guy!

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