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Gibson neck problem

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Dear Gibson/epi users. I have a gibson STD (standard) all glossed but keep it for home use and treat with utmost care.


I have a gibson sg "60s" tribute which comes in clear coat satin finish. what i did was sand down the neck but i think i went too far do you think? also ive noticed some cracks appearing at the back as if the wood is pushing up from inside. (see photos attached). lastly the headstock was damaged and logo came off, i ordered a waterslide decal from crox an "official one" apparently. so i apply and then spray 1 coating PLASTI-KOTE CLEAR SATIN ACRYLIC and then another and then maybe 1 more coating to protect.


the neck is bare wood. i have put a small amount of REFINED linseed oil on the neck for protection. it dries in 24hrs!, anyway would it be wise satin spraying the neck at all and if so how many coatings.


just please tell me the neck wont crack because of those cracks at the back.

attached pics.


Much love and flame me for ruining a gibby but have i ruined it???

post-48161-041074600 1351027115_thumb.jpg

post-48161-004011100 1351027126_thumb.jpg

post-48161-053437100 1351027135_thumb.jpg

post-48161-075819600 1351027145_thumb.jpg

post-48161-068293900 1351027155_thumb.jpg

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I can,t tell much from the poor quality of the pictures, BUT!!!!!....You OR somebody else has made a damn mess of that guitar. Seems to me that questions should have been asked before all of the procedures mentioned were done! Call it a 'flame' if you want....looks like 'reality' to me [crying]

On the 'lighter side'...if it still plays and you like.....not ruined!

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