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SG '61 "Almost There"


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Searching eBay today, I saw this auction and was really impressed at what I saw. Basic, standard-issue USA '61 Reissue SG, but y'all LOOK AT THE COLOR!!! NOT "faded" or washed-out looking. Light enough to show the grain, but very RED! Wish I could see the smoothness of the finish, because that still seems to be hit or miss (some I've seen in person have WAY too much inconsistency and "orange peel", while some seem smooth as glass). And look at both the near-symmetry of those horns AND those bevels!!! I think you guys are finally putting the best of the elements together (good color, tapered horn tips which the Custom/Historics STILL lack oddly enough, the deeper bevels...wow). In fact, just a tad deeper upper-horn beveling and this could be THE definitive "reissue" body. Just add a Maestro option to this baby, and put me one on order TODAY! I read somewhere (Facebook maybe) that you guys had something going on in a few months with LP's and SG's, and I HOPE some of the lauded, sorely-missed tweaks to the SG's are on that list of "exciting things" and we're not talking more strange models or crazy stuff. Seriously, Maestro this if you're not going to "fix" the Historic/Custom Shop Standards! This is freakin' awesome.









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