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I ran across this Focus 1000 in a 2nd-hand store in a sleepy little south-central Texas town about 14 years ago. Paid $100 for it with the HSC. I bought it mostly because I thought it was underpriced with that big FR tremelo hanging off it, and thought I might be able to flip it for a few coins. But then I started getting a few ideas and I decided to customize it. I had a spare P90 laying around I was itching to install in something and decided this Kramer would be an ideal candidate. So the P90 went in at the neck position, plus I added another volume control, a pickup selector switch and a coil-tap microswitch for the unused coil-tap wire on the humbucker. Then I isolated the FR by pounding a couple of pieces of wood in between it and the body -- I don't have any use for wang bars. And hey, I suddenly had a very versatile guitar that sounded great and actually played nice. My one-of-a-kind Focus 1000 Hot Rod.






A guy over at the Kramer forum asked if I had run a ground wire from the spring claw to the FR and I looked over the guitar and realized I had not grounded the strings in any way, shape, or fashion. Amazingly enough, it plays very quiet just the way it sits. But I've gotta go scrounge up at least one wang bar spring so I can ground the strings properly. I've got some around here somewhere, just haven't located them yet.


I think the guitar doesn't look half bad with the mismatched pickups. It's a common enough sight anymore, isn't it. Plus it's painted a really interesting shade of red -- somewhere between candy apple red and hot pink -- which I find strangely appealing. And if you look closely at the portion of neck showing in the second photo, you'll see some pretty good flame going on there. The whole neck is like that, with the flame becoming gradually more pronounced moving down toward the nut. So it's actually a pretty cool looking guitar as well as a cool sounding one. At least to me it is, and that's all that matters anyway, isn't it. To thine own self be true and all that. The neck feels kinda like a vintage Strat's and kinda not. It's more comfortable to me than a vintage Strat's neck is, which I think might be because it has less of a radius than the old Strats? -- and it has a fast, slim profile, not unlike a Gibson's. Whatever -- I find it grows on me and I have a hard time putting the durn thing down cuz it's just simply fun to play.

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