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This is a cab I built for a SF Champ in 2005


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I had a fender MM bass amp and a 1973 SF Champ that I got off Ebay . I build quite a few amps back then but due to my old computer dyinmg one day I lost most all of my photo's. Had had built a alder cab with hammond Chassis and made it into a Fender 6g2 princeton and stained it and had a nice fender alnico twelve in it when fender used to make a alnico 12.


So I thought about how SF Champ would sound with 2 twelves and built this cab.




I had all sorts of speakers in it but the best were a fender 12 alnico on top and a weber 30 watt silver bell on the bottom area. This gave me 4 ohms parallel from two 8 ohm speakers.


I still have the cab sitting empty as you see it.


Once I sold the Champ the fender MM bass amp chassis fit right in since it is the same size as a fender Champ so I then used the blown MM bass amp chassis I still have with the preamp of a 6G2 and power section of a adj fixed bias 5E3 which I posted in a different post and placed it in this cab with a weber silver bell on top and a eminence tonker on the bottom and since this MM chassis has allen amps tranny's that can support 6V6's or 6L6's I had it set up with 6L6's giving me about 40 watts . By the way this is the front of the 71 MM cab I have this chassis in now.




I added a switch so I could have the NFB loop like the 6G2 princten has but I rarely use it. It's right next to the # 2 input jack.


This is the back of the 1971 MM bass amp cab I use now with the weber sig 12s alnico.If you look close you can see the size of the allen amps PT and OT . Great tranny's use a GZ-34 with the 6L6's to get 40 watts.

The tall cab stands empty now , I called it the Champ tower,all in pine and I built it and did the tolex and grill cloth . I can still go back to the 6L6's yet all I have as far as speakers go is the weber sig 12S alnico and a weber sig 10S ceramic . I had the sig 10s in my champ home brew but I had a jensen C10R that sounded better.

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Very nice, there is something about building a custom cab and finishing it nicely that fills the soul with satisfaction, here is the one and only I have ever built:



Very nice head. I made a head from a stf electronics kit I got that was for a basic fender princeton circuit . Late wanting a bit more output I got another chassis from stf to build the same circuit but to use allen amps OT and a larger Hammond PT so I could built on with two 6V6's in parallel or plug in one 6L6.


This is the back of the original build with the top rear cover removed to show the chassis.


This is the front , I was after that marshal look or the old peavy heads.


Nice thing about a head is you can plug into any cab.

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