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What's your Les Paul's name?

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I don't name guitars cause none of them come when called. 

Hey my 32nd anniversary is in two weeks, Mrs wants to know if you would mind her using that in the card? Thanks!   rct

jenny's in my avatar. cheated on her a few times in the beginning but haven't really played another electric in 18 years....

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18 minutes ago, merciful-evans said:


Les Paul is already a name.

👍 So I feel no need to call mine "Sarah Ruby Diamondshine, Countess of Moldavia on A Dewy Morning".

It's "That Les Paul That I Have". 

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I usually name mine after their colors to ID them when talking about them to friends or my wife.

I got a new Anaconda Burst last month and never had one fresh from the factory before, I was amazed at the smell of Nitro coming off it.  So I started calling it "Ol Stinky" and bought her a name tag.






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