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You may remember sometime back, I installed a K&K mini in my J-45.

I have to say it works superbly.I am very pleased with it.

Shortly after I had installed it, I came across JJB Electronics,

who make a very similar product, at exactly half price. Its called the Prestige 330.

I have a 2nd J-45, and decided to buy a JJB - $49.00 plus $2 shipping to Bermuda.

It arrived in a Jiffy bag, and wrapped in bubble wrap. Nothing else with it.

The K&K came in a box (adding to shipping costs) and came with fixing strips, a very small

tube of Superglue, and printed instruction. at $99 plus $10 shipping.

On opening the JJB, there was no notable difference in quality of materials, or build quality.

I installed it on my 93 J-45.To be honest, I wasn't happy. The 6th string was so much louder than the other 5.

When playing in Drop D all I could hear was boom boom boom! So, here came the test of JJB customer service.

I contacted Jessie Vallad, owner and CEO of JJB, and he quickly demonstrated 100% commitment to his product and customer service.

Basically, second to none.He answered emails, at times well out of business hours.

I removed the the pick up (not easy!) and sent it back to Jessie. He sent out a replacement immediately which I received today.

I installed it in exactly the same way as the other two - see the Jig video. The sound is AWESOME! A fantastic product at a great price,

With top support. Check out http://jjb-electronics.com/


Product installed.

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how do you go about uninstalling one of those? I've wondered about that. It's superglued to the bridge-plate right? 2-3 different contact points (looks like 3 from your pic)


Here is a short video. I made the tool from a strip of brass and I chiseled the tip to get it under the pick up.

It was a little awkward. Super glue was used.

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