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Thoughts on LP Studio Tributes...?

old mark

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I was lucky to find a Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute P90's in Honeyburst. I got it second hand a few months after it came out-the previous owner had dinged it, replaced the nut and changed the pups for Tom Short Sweet P90's and had done some other "fixes". I had to re-install the pups and replace the nut, which was cut too deep. I emailed Tom Short and he told me he uses wood blocks under his pups, so that's how I installed mine. I also hand buffed the top with a metal polish...carefully and lightly.


I love this guitar. I have owned several older LP Customs - a 1968 and a1974. I think this Studio is as good as far as quality and I love playing it as much as any Gibson I have ever played. Great sounds and the P90's really add a different dynamic...they are very alive and responsive.


If this is an example of the Studios overall, I'm a real fan...and having once played a real '50's Les Paul, I think the 50's Tribute was a pretty good homage to that era. Love the neck shape and spacing, and just the overall feel of it.


Any thoughts on the Studio Tributes? I have not played a '60's Trib, but I imagine they would be as good...


thanks for any input.



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I have a 60s LP tribute with p90s. It had the best tone (to my ears) than the other dozen or so LPs I played at the GC I bought it at, including Stds, and Customs.

But It had jagged fret ends, and the frets themselves were like squared of on top and would grab my fingers. Quick visit to a Luthier, had the frets polished, shaved, filed and leveled, neck needed to be adjusted 3 times, fretwork done over again because a few were missed the first time around.


Now she is an easy player with great tone.


Hopefully your is good out of the box, mine is a 2010 and I have no plans to sell it she is a keeper.

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I have a GT 60's trib, and it's just outstanding. Doesn't sound anything like any my HB Les Pauls, let alone something like a burst, but that's not the point of that guitar really.


The neck on mine seemed fine when I bought it, but over the last year, the fingerboard has continued to dry out. I've had to tighten the truss rod several times, and as the wood has shrunk, the fret ends have started to get a little nasty. I'll clean them up when I get a chance.


But the thing just sounds terrific. Definitely a really good deal.

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I bought a brand new 50's tribute with humbuckers back in the summer. So far so good. I play it through a twin reverb amp and I love it!


But......I feel the 490/498 humbuckers aren't really what I consider 50's. gonna be changing them out to some seymour duncan Seth Lovers or antiquities



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Hello Mark! You've said it all! They are great! I love mine too! :)




Cheers... Bence

As you may know I am not a big fan of the Studio line but that goldtop w/P-90's looks fantastic!

I just want to make sure I am looking at the right model. Is this what you have?



Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute


It has the full chambered body, not the swiss cheese?

Nasty fret ends drive me nuts. Was yours nice and clean? I lnow the finish is very light and somewhat worn and I am cool with that and even some imperfections. I just want a nice P-90 LP and can't spend an arm and a leg. Looks like it would be fun to play.

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Hello! No, mine isn't that one. It's an "after-flood" model from the first run of 50's Tributes. http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Studio-50s-Tribute.aspx Action was a bit too high out-of-the-box and the nut sticking (as usual with Gibsons). Took Her to a luthier (as I do take all my guitars at least once a year) and after the second setup it settled down and became a player's dream. Also the Virtuoso polish did wonders on it. It was greenish when new, now it looks glossy gold. The rosewood fingerboard is so warm, so soft - a pleasure to touch. The roar of P-90s is really outstanding. If have to come up with a thing I dislike: I would prefer it to be heavier. I find my (swiss-cheesed) Classic Custom perfectly balanced, while the (chambered) Tribute tends to move while playing. It doesn't sits that firmly on my legs when I play seated. But it's not such a big issue at all. Cheers... Bence

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