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Is this the weirdest guitar Gibson have ever made?


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(and before anyone says it, im not including the Firebird X [angry] ) :)


I was having a look around as I do and found this SG.. Ok the looks are love or hate.. But whats really weird is the way its built with multiple birch wood laminate pieces. Thats gotta be unique in itself for a Gibby..




Then I saw this video of it.. Achh that sounds aweful lol... The bit about how its built is interesting though (at 1:43)



So I take it they didnt go down very well then :P :)

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I do like the gray one and the gray/yellow one isn't far behind IMO. Makes a change from my normal diet.


I'd happily take a gray one and put nickel covers on the p-ups. Then, of course, it would look 100% traditional....


Sound-wise? As has been said many times; when the drummer kicks in..............


If they were so unpopular that might mean they can be had at bargain-basement prices, huh?





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Let's put it this way: If this SG "laminated wood" is made with half the quality of similar epoxy laminated wood rifle stocks, you could use it as a battle axe if you didn't care for the additional sustain - and it ain't gonna have problems with weather, either, except perhaps on the electronics and metal parts if left out in a hurricane or dropped into the sea for some extended time period.


Try to claim that with about any other "wood" musical instrument.



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