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Action Problems with Pacer Classic


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Hi all!

first post,

im having major problems lowering the action on my new pacer classic, think its the 2010 model. basically, out of the box it played/sounded great, but i need the action super low to play some of the faster licks in my songs. i've never had a floyd rose of any kind before so researched how to lower the action. went well, got it to the required height, but because of that, my floyd is basically touching the body, i cant dive at all!


so at the moment i have the choice of high action (especially at the higher frets where most of the fast stuff happens) or no give on the floyd!

there HAS to be a way around this, is there any way to keep the action low without completely slamming the bridge to the body?

ive heard that its something to do with theposts and that getting original floyd posts will solve the problem, but i cant see how it will make a difference!


i bought this guitar to be an 80's shred machine, but to get extreme use of the floyd i have to have the action of a £10 acoustic...





thanks in advance!

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