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Buying an 335 Plain Gloss - Help!


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Hi guys!

I'm getting an ES-335 Plain Gloss in sunburst, but I'm afraid it´s an "layered rosewood fretboard". There are two in stock, were made in 2011, days #189 and #194. What do you think? Are they still one piece rosewood fretboard, or this era it's already layered fretboard? I need help, because they're in a different city, and I can't see them before I order them.


P.D: Sorry about my poor english!!!

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It's impossible to tell based on production date. You have to examine the individual guitar, and that won't tell you with the ES 335, since the board is bound.


There is no functional or practical difference between the layered vs. the non-layered fretboards. A fretboard blank is about 6mm thick, and the two layers on the laminated boards I have seen are pretty much of equal thickness. You are never going to wear through that top layer, and it should have no discernible impact on tone, particularly in an electric guitar.


On guitars with extreme fretboard wear at the first three of four frets, one fix is to remove the frets and rout off the top 3 mm or so of the board and glue a new layer on, effectively creating a laminated fretboard.


This really should not be a significant factor in determining whether or not to buy the guitar. At least on the acoustic guitars, however, Gibson has gone back to using non-laminated fretboards, as I understand it. The argument here is really an esthetic rather than a functional one, and that has little meaning when you have a bound fretboard.

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