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Saw Rush Tonight!!


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OMG, I was blown away. They started with Subdivisions, but they went into tunes I haven't heard them play in a long time. Tunes like Red Sector A, The Analog Kid, Where's My Thing?, Force Ten, The Pass, Territories, Manhattan Project, etc. The first hour was definitely dedicated to the serious Rush fan.


They then took a break and played most of their new album. The highlight was Headlong Flight. That tune just rocked with Alex going nuts with his wah-wah pedal solo. They had a string section for every Clockwork Angels tune which was really neat.


The remaining hour and encore was devoted to more of their hits, like Tom Sawyer, The Spirit of Radio, 2112, etc. The string section played along with YYZ which was very cool.


Neil opted to do three short solos, which I can understand at his age. But he was great as usual. The third solo was very cool with triggers playing notes throughout it.


I've seen Rush more times than I can count and they never cease to amaze me. Each concert is better than the last. The hockey arena was packed (sold out show). These guys have been doing this for nearly 40 years and they are better than ever. If they don't get into the HOF then it's just pure stupidity.


This is a "must see" show!!

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Cover article this month's Guitar Player magazine is an interview with Alex Lifeson. 12 page article! He talks about his equipment, the new record (of course), their shows, and touring. Everything. He talks a lot about soloing on the new record. Really great interview.

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