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My First Electric Jam


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Just a stupid story for ya... after the Beatles thread reminded me.



When I bought my first electric guitar at age 13 after breaking my acoustic, I went to the newly opened Kmart and bought a Kyowa electric -

I could not copy the photo but if you are interested scroll down to the Kyowa in this guy's collection, but mine was the Whammy Bar model not pictured!!!!! What a gem?





After twanging the thing for a few weeks, I met up with another dork from school who had another shocker budget electric and we then tried to electrocute ourselves while ruining my dad's radiogram......which he never knew......


Some weeks later, my doof dork friend suggested we visit 'Peter' up the road, who also apparently plays guitar, for a 'jam'. We dragged our fancy guitars to his house and then out to his 'music room' where he was practicing just a little bit of Joe Pass on the guitar his father had just bought him, which I am pretty sure looked like this:





Hmmmm. Man, what a showoff!


After watching and listening open mouthed to this stunning playing and sound for a while, we bid "Peter" adieu and dragged our budget guitars home - literally dragged them by the guitar lead......kick the fence, lookout cat etc.


I don't know what happened to "Peter", but never heard of him again.


There is a moral in this story somewhere, to do with my underlying Gibson addiction ....





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Some of those "junk" guitars are so special. I have a Teisco that just rumbles and twangs.


The funniest thing I remember as a 10-year old aspiring guitarist and bandleader was how we would all plug our guitars into the same amp. Four inputs (and a splitter makes five!), so two guitars, bass, vocal mic and a drum machine clacking out either Rock I, Rock II, Pop I or Waltz...


When we visited the bigger kids and saw they dedicated an amp to each instrument, we thought that was way too expensive to attempt. Why would someone do something like that? Why leave those extra inputs unused? Wasteful!


You really haven't lived until you've tried to plug two guitars into a fuzz pedal. Talk about battling for sound.

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