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NGD 2008 SJ-200 VOS TV Limited Edition

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I just bought a 2008 SJ-200, one of the limited edition run of True Vintage that were the first Adi topped J-200s. I did a big writeup of it here with some pictures.


Very cool axe. I recently sold my 1994 J-200 which I had owned since new and almost immediately regretted it. However, now I don't, the new one is pretty much a new and improved J-200, not that the old one was bad, just this one is better.


IMO, we live in a golden era of luthiery skills, these things are just getting better and better.

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Congratulations! I recently purchased one of the 2008 167 SJ-200 TV also. Plays great but dissappointed as it had a zipper like crack/scratch about 1 1/2" long. It plays and sounds great but I was soured by the crack. I was relieved that the 2012 models were the exact same specs, including the adirondack top, as the original 167 pieces. Guitar Center ordered a new one from the factory and I just received it, factory fresh with the nitro smell, last week. Plays and sounds fantastic. The only difference is I did not get the jacket, case cover, or leather bound certificate which I guess are the "Limited Edition" part of the deal, since the guitar is exactly the same. (without the crack, in my case).

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