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My "Shaky Surfy Movie"


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Seems everyone is quiet on the forum and and a lot are battening down the hatches for the hurricane, so I will post a short entertainment for those that are around. My thoughts are with those in the line of the storm.




So, my movie...


Some background:


When I got my video camera, after taking footage of all the local sights, I got it in the head I wanted some Surfing footage to put some music to.

I saw it on the news that there were going to be the biggest wave since ??!!??, so piled the dog and video recorder in the car and sped off to capture a surfin' surfari. Got to the ocean and not one surfer out - woossses - surf too big for them. Waited around a while, took some photos of the waves, beach, dog then gave up and drove home.


Next, a few months later I headed to another surf spot to find the surf was going the wrong way or something - no surfers. Oh Man!


I had almost given up on the idea when I was looking at the internoodle and came across: Yeah - SURFCAM! Ha! I perused the spots sponsored by a surfboard company and saw Pt Leo had 100's out surfing. Pack the car and head off! Pt Leo is the closest surf beach to my house.

Started taking footage as soon as I got there but couldn't really see what I was doing 'cos the screen of the cam was glary. Took as much footage as I could around the place, then headed home, plugged it all in, and thought: "YEAH YAHOO!" I have some soifers. Well, some of them looked a leetle beet hopeless, but....


Hit my Studio B / Batcave and came up with some surfy guitar on my 1954 Gibson ES124.



Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is: The Shaky Surfy Movie







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