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Roy Orbison Playing an Hbird (Copy?)


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check it out :











Sure is an old video..... He sure has a interesting 'thumb strum' technique.

Think I can make out the Gibson logo and crown/thistle on the head stock.

Not a burst that I see alot of on 'birds but I have seen a few with a similar burst

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This appears to be a genuine 1960-67 Hummingbird. It's hard to see the logo and tuners, but the p-guard, fretboard and burst are as they should be.

There are 2 other songs from this show - maybe more

Most splashy percussion I ever heard, by the way.


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Somewhere in a box I have this on a video waiting to copy to DVD, along with many others, and I am sure the quality is much better than this. Roy had many Gibson's and a few Epi's such as an FT-112.


I recall seeing this live when it came out but way back then identifying his guitars and watching his technique were not top of the list. Roy was a more accomplished guitarist than many gave him credit. I have been a huge Big O fan since the early '60's and now wish I had paid more attention to the guitars he used. I think a lot of them were destroyed when his home in Hendersonville burnt down.



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