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Anyone ever used Guitar Rocksmith before?



I came home from work yesterday afternoon, and found my youngest son who dropped by had just installed the 12 GB program via Steam to my PC.

I ended up ordering their USB/guitar .25" cable from Amazon.


I have seen ads before for this program in the guitar magazines.


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I had it for Xbox 360. I found that there was a slight delay to plucking a string and hearing it through the tv speakers. It only became an issue for me on the repetative, chugging parts though. I sold my copy without playing it much. Since I can already play guitar, I found it harder to play Rocksmith than to just play from tabs. I suppose if you haven't learned tabs, and started off without any knowledge of guitar, you could probably learn to play with Rocksmith. But I feel it would be easier to learn the old fashioned way ;)

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