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date my sheraton II


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hi guys

i've just bought an old sheraton

she seems "vintage" but i thing the serial disappear with the years

she sounds awesome but it's not easy to date

the brand new are not the same, there's not "gibson" on the head and the pickguard is not the same, the color too

there's nothing on the backside of the pickups

it's maybe possible with the 3 pieces neck to identify...??

could you help me to find (not the exact date, i think without numbers, it will be impossible ) the years of construction :)

thanks a lot (a frenchy sheraton new owner)


on a french forum an user told my about samick factory in the beginning of the 90's..






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Thanks!! These guitars are amazing.. The sustain is just fantastic and the neck too. Why spend so much money when you try this kind of guitars?

it's seems to be a very high quality process

do you know the "argus" of the guitars? [smile]

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