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Les Paul Traditional Discontinued???


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Hey guys, hope I'm not jumping to conclusions but Sweetwater is showing that the Traditionals are discontinued? Is this new or have I missed something? I heard Gibson is making big changes in 2013, so maybe this is one of those changes? Anybody know about this?

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Guitarcenter has them now, I believe no pick guard ,

A nicer flame top I believe are the only changes.

But I'm not sure , what I am is that gc has an exclusive

Traditional in ebony with Burstbuckers, it does not mention pros.

Oh and they are made in 50s and 60s necks now .

That's cool

Ps in the Gibson site there 60s neck, uncovered AV classic 57/57+ 1960 on the pick guard plain top,hmmm


This is the gc trad




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