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LOVE my Epi '61 RI SG, but want to replace bridge

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I have one of the Epi 1961 SG reissues in Alpine white, and I absolutely love it. Flat out killer guitar, and the P90's in it can go from beautiful melodic tones to paint peeling roars. However, I think the wrap around tailpiece is a very weak link in the chain. I want to replace it but not sure what will fit it. Any suggestions would be very appreciated.


The bridge in question:



And some pr0n (who doesn't like pics of guitars, anyway [thumbup])




Thanks in advance!



Oh, I was looking at either this one:

From Stewmac Adjustable_Wraparound_Bridge_sm.jpg


or this one:


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Stewmac includes a spec tab that has a drawing with all specifications.

Measure and compare carefully so you do not have to go through this:




I'm not positive, as I haven't measured your guitar personally...but...

I'm pretty sure you would be alright with this one:




Keep in mind that Stewmac only carries it in nickel. (which I prefer anyway)

If you want chrome, you will need to look elsewhere or look at a different bridge.



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