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Need help!!) 1957 historic reissue black beauty owners


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Hey, guys


I'm using a 1957 historic reissue black beauty. (not a VOS version, custom shop line produced in 2004)

An accident happened.. I've got to glue the crack of neck and get it repainted & refinished,

but not quite sure what was the original finish type on the back side of the headstock. (Satin or glossy)


I found out that the top (open book shape) and sides of the headstock are originally satin finished,

but is it also satin finish for the back side where the serial # is located?

I know that the neck itself is glossy finished but pretty confused about the back side of headstock.

If the headstock is satin finished, how and from which spot the glossy finish of the neck starts?


Those who owns 1957 historic reissue black beauty, please check yours and give me an advice!!!



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