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How long does it take for Epiphone to reply?


I live in Japan and I bought an Epiphone LP from an Online Store, the guitar had serious buzz problems(open string, and a lot of frets) I tried to raise the bridge which helped a little but the open string buzz was unbearable so I contacted the Shop and they Replaced it. The problem was the same with this guitar.


I then Contacted Epiphone about this issue but they have yet to respond.


I wanted to call them up but I can't find any Epiphone Japan number.

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Hi, when I first come into a room, I say HELLO and I know the words "Thank you"


Really, a guy comes here for help and this is your reply? And you feel you are qualified to teach good manners?


In relpy to the original question, outside the U.S., if you bought the guitar from an authorized Gibson dealer, they, or the distributor, are your contact for warranty service. Here is the link I got this info from: http://www.gibson.com/Service/Obtaining%20Warranty%20Service/


Also, the guitar may just need a set up. Find a local luthier to do this. They will be able to let you know if the guitar is actually defective or not and may also be able to help get local authorized warranty service from Gibson if it is needed.

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