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Seeing as it is quiet on the forum here is a weirdo story with a very tenous link to guitars!


Myself: I was fortunate enough to get a veranda structure with a polycarbarbonate roof built on to the rear of my house not long after I built the house. The guy that built it was superb, if a touch slow, and I wish he had built the whole house sometimes.... Anyway, he suggested raising the height of our original plan to allow the winter sun in/ allow plenty of air movement. It is a very simple structure, but because it has a roof I can sit out there when it is those day/nights that are hot but rainy. Great place for playing a bit of acoustic!


Anyway, I sit out there in all kinds of weather and it is great to have an area like that. If I lived in an apartment instead, I could survive if I had a reasonable balcony (for playing acoustics-tenuous link I know!).


So imagine my shock to read about these apartment plans (in Melbourne city, Australia):







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