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Finally....my first Gibson!


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Hi everyone!


I got a surprise when i got home from work tonight!

My first Gibson...a Les Paul Junior satin white!


as i expected,the quality is flawless and i've found her pretty versatile for a single pickup guitar.



Bonus: She came perfectly in tune!



Without further ado, here's the porn!










And the rest of the family!



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Thanks you all! Happy to be in the family!

She sound killer!


When i ordered it, i had doubt as if i'd really hear a difference between the P-90 and my Humbuckers-equipped Epiphones

But surprisingly i do hear the crisp and snarl of the P-90 compared to the more round and warm tone of the 'buckers

However i feel that i'm not hearing it to its full potential as i d'ont have a tube amp (Line 6 Spider Jam 75) i feel like some of the sound get lost in all those electronics. But aside from the sound, the feel of the guitar is great and the 60's neck is perfect for my smaller hand, though i might replace the strings it came with as i prefer lighter gauges(by the way, do anyone knows what strings come with those?)

Its heavier than my other guitars( SG and Dot) but the extra weight doesn't bother me at all.

All in all, i'm happy with my purchase!

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