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Xmas songs.. the best and worst


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I will always love The Christmas Song written by Mel Torme, my favorite version is by Nat King Cole. I really liked "Mary did you know" the first hundred times I heard it but it has gotten wearisome now.


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...Is it me? Every time I hear Les and Mary's music something about it reminds me of Hawaiian styled music? :)...

No, Rabs. You're spot on.


Hard though it may be to believe now but Hawaiian music was extremely popular Stateside from as far back as the '30s and lasted to an extent up to the mid-'50s. Les Paul absolutely loved the purity of tone used by Hawaiian guitarists and was directly influenced by their sound.


I'm sure he mentions it somewhere in 'Chasing Sound' but it's been a while since I watched it so can't be 100% certain.


Furthermore, some of the very first electric guitars were (AFAIK) lap-steels built for this (Hawaiian Music) market.



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I've just about concluded that in terms of tunes, we're quite influenced by what we heard in our childhood, perhaps rejected for "Pop" sounds in our teen and younger adult years, then returned to appreciation of the older material.


I know in my case that's why I liked "The Christmas Song" and even Cole's version I'd heard a lot, but never even thought of playing until I was in my 50s and a good friend had been a classmate of Torme's. I started listening a bit more to Torme and his version and... whew. A whole new look at what for me was an "old" song.


RE: Cockburn. Believe it or not, I'd not even heard the name until the past half dozen years or so. But then, he's an old guy. A cupla months older than I am, even. <grin> But in the 80s and early 90s I was running so hard I mostly listened to my older tapes of stuff I liked in the 60s and 70s; then the past 15-18 years on working on improvements for solo guitar arrangements of the stuff I liked "back then."


<sigh> Gettin' older ain't for wimps, but in terms of music... I think in ways our taste is almost solidified by our mid 20s, and what we like after that tends to be patterned, at least, as with what we like then.


At least, that's how it seems from here.



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