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whats yer favorite song

ol fred

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I thinkGeorge said this was once voted The Best C&W song of all time. It's certainly in my Top Ten. Deceptively difficult to play and sing really well. I'd have to go,with " You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me, Lucille". Sort of a basic song, but for some reason it resonates with me.

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My current favorite is "Makin' a Killin'" by the Spinney Brothers, a Canadien Bluegrass band. A guy writes a song because his girl left him and it becomes a hit. "Now I'm makin' a killin all because of losin' you."


That's this week. I'll probably have another next week. Although I have always liked your choice.



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Just can't get enough, amazing writers, amazing performers and just so handsome and polished I could cry.



Catchy, foot-tapping music.


Nothing more......


Driving down the street and singin' to the music on the radio.


But nothing more.....


Here today, gone tomorrow.


Is there nothing more......?

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Heartstrings. Speaking of Tangled Up in Blue, I just participated in a Celebration of Life: my long-time music partner just passed away recently. His widow wanted to celebrate the music that was such a big part of his life, &

requested the attending musicians to begin with "Tangled Up...Blue". . . That song will never be the same.

Godspeed, my friend.


"Gotta admit, I felt a bit uneasy": His instruments were all out, on stands. Taking his resonator guitar out of the

case... perfectly tuned up in open tuning. Wondering what the last thing he'd played...


Soundholes... soaking it up.

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I never really sat through a George Jones song before but that is a hypnotizing voice.

The live "Tallest Man.." tune is a beauty..love the guitar playing. Guy sings a little too much like Bob Dylan though.


I hope some more people post on this thread cause the suits dont put anything good on the radio in this NY area..

This is the one that comes to mind for me.

Her voice was was girly but womanly ...and the ahhhs by the chicks in the background..this one really does it for me.

Reminds me of the early 90's & London.

If you play it on guitar you really get to enjoy it.

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I prefer the electric version but this one shows how he can do it acoustic.




thats great run ... that widely available ?


couldnt you happily shoot the idiots who whoop and holler when they recognise a note .... cant people ever just shut up ?


and prize for THE most un rock n roll shoes ever to be worn onstage

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Totally impossible to answer – but sometimes I tend to say Desolation Row or A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall. Simply because they leave one severely satisfied when fading out.

After the many verses in both songs, lots of aspects and massive territory is covered – not least by yourself as the abstract lyrics invite the listener in as co-writer. Which is the clue to great art – and to the exchange with all artistic expression. A seriously good feeling.



Besides those basic melodies somehow just never wear out - not to mention the singing/phrasing.



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Tongue out of cheek.. an impossible choice to make when trying to suggest music some may not have heard before and avoiding the rolleyes obvious choices. This is one of them though, no ground was broken in the making of this video, even if it moved a little under my feet.





This is great stuff. Thanks for turning me on to this guy.

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