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Still trying to support small bands


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I was asked to film a gig the other day at the 12 Bar Club in Denmark St London... I was working with their regular photographer to get video footage from different angles which I am going to cut together when he sends me his lot.. (im secretly hoping that I could do this for a living).


I always try and go to the odd smaller gig with unsigned bands.. They are like a box of chocolates you never know quite what your gonna get :) But still sometimes you can come across some great stuff so I always make sure I go to a few.


Heres some footage of the first band that was on called Jelly Season.. Young guys, quite rocking (but nothing new).. I got this on my phone camera just to see how it would fair in a live situation and it wasnt bad..


And heres Magic 8 Ball with a good friend of mine on drums (which is how I got involved). This is just the raw footage that I stuck up as the singer wanted to see somthing so he can post it... But for the final video we have three different angles for me to cut between, and I will also work on the sound a bit too.. (looking forward to doing that :))


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