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I have a guy's Epiphone pr-350ce acoustic electric with an Epiphonic V preamp. that has no sound from the output jack. Upon investigation all the wires on the jack are broken off. Looks like a terrible solder job. Does anyone have any into on the wiring to the jack. I have a cable coming out of the preamp with a copper sleeve a white, green, blue, red and black wires. On the pcb board where the cable is soldered there are white letters for the cable wire colors.


W G Com B R


I need to know where on the jack those go to. The green wire is on the label W, the white wire is on the label G, the copper sleeve is the COM(seems correct for the ground), the blue wire is on the B(which I think should be black for negative), and finally the red wire on the R. As long as I know how the pcb attaches to the jack it doesn't really matter what color wire is on what terminal. A picture would be awesome. But txt would be fine. Any help appreciated

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