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It good that some like the wet, gloomy, cold, snowy weather cuz San Diego already has about 2.5 million too many people living there!! [biggrin] Somebody's got to live somewhere else with crappy weather.


In Iowa we have way to many "gloomy" days for me anyway. Looking to making the move to Wyoming & New Mexico (320+ sunny days) if we're able to get that done in a couple of years. That will prolly be determined this coming Tues.


Cold, raining, gloomy weather is why Seattle is the depression & suicide capital in the U.S. of A or so the mental health research show.


For me I guess it's mostly cuz I love to be outdoors stomping around in the wild, riding one of the Bikes, and just enjoying the nature that hides out when the rain/gloom arrives. I will admit that a few days of gloom & my butt is dragging the floor and I feel much less energy.



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