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Bless me father for I have been neglectful...it has been a long time.


I have not changed the strings on my two most used guitars in over 3 years.


I have gone to the shop and looked at the strings knowing what kind I want and I just can't do it.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I hate how they gotta be broken in [blush]


Even if it isn't guitar related, unload here.

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"Look hon! A guitar magazine with Hendrix on the cover! It's about time!"


"For a blues player using a strat turned up that Vauhgn kid is pretty good!"


"Hammett should break his guitar like Townshend, only he should break it before they start."


"I dint know Carol Channing could play the guitar. Who? John Mayer? Oh. Nevermind"


"Eddie should start drinking again. Or more. Something."


Oh I've got tonnes more.




Mr. Grouchy

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If bull frogs had wings they wouldn't bump their behinds every time they tried to fly.If elephants could fly, well, I can think of a lot of bad things that could happen.Changing strings is like taking a bath, do it once every six months even if you think you don't need to.

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i'm also a "string clinger" and have some guitars with 3 yr old sets on them....as long as they sound good, I figure why change them.


perhaps a worse sin is, i'm a non guitar cleaning son of a gun and I also don't oil my fretboards until they look dry(most only 1x a year).


but probably my biggest sin.....(looking left & right)....I block the trems on my Strats.



please forgive me

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i bought my rickenbacker 620/12 for $1689 from that online store wwbw. (remember them?) then screamed bloody murder when it arrived with a factory paint blemish.


they offered me $84.00 as an appology.


paint blemishes are covered for only 1 year from manufacture. My Ric was born December 09. (how did a Ric sit in a warehouse that long?!?!?!)


when i noticed the return email was from the same accounts lady with Guitar Center accounts management I called them out and demanded $150 back and reported them to Rickenbacker for selling their guitars advertised with 5 year warranty and WWBW isn't an "authorized" Ric dealer.


they refunded me $150 that day. as of now, you can no longer get a Ric through WWBW...


12 string 620 for $1539.


Dear GC......


I win.



is that a confesssion? i dunno. but enjoy!

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I so envy my young friends that can party all night and have a job while I'm jobless and had to give up drinking and partying years ago. I also hold grudge's for the people I invited to my show's and I some times end up playing for a hand-full of people all night [flapper] .....But I suck it up, forgive and keep a pro attitude about it in the end.

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