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1965 Gibson Recording Model GA-75L Amplifier


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Hello forum members!


I'm needing some help determining the value of this excellent condition 1965 Gibson Recording Model GA-75L Amplifier I acquired recently. It's easily one of the best sounding amps I've ever heard/played through. It's got a sweet yet punchy overdrive with a huge bottom thanks to the 15" speaker. It's also considerably quiet for a vintage tube amp. I can see why they used these for recording. The iron in this thing is massive. Think 5150 sized transformers plus a choke. You'll notice in the pics that the factory 15" JBL D130F has been replaced with a import 15" Jensen Neo (a sin I know but it sounds decent). I still have the original JBL D130F but it needs to be reconed, I plan to have it re-coned in the near future, as well as installing a fresh set of NOS RCA black plate 6L6s. It currently has a set of JJ power tubes. All preamp tubes are NOS RCA except for the 6FQ7 which is a NOS EI. I'll replace it also with a NOS RCA since they are pretty easy to find. The amp has already been serviced with all electrolytic caps being replaced with Sprague and F&T caps and a new 3 prong cord installed. It came with a original vinyl cover that is in fair shape and the original instruction manual w/schematic which I thought was pretty darn cool. I have no idea what the value on this amp is. There is not much info available on the web. At least not much that I can find. Anybody know where is the best place to get the JBL D130F reconed? I'm considering sending it to Weber. Any help or information would be great. Now for a little eye candy for all you vintage Gibby lovers.




















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Probably the best way to find info on these would either watch eBay and see what they say about theirs and how much they go for. I would think weber would be a good place to start with the reconing of the JBL. You might join the telecaster forum TDPRI and upload pics and ask. They seem to be a lot more knowledgeable on Gibson amps then here. I asked some similar questions about and old Gibson amp I recently bought and got 1 short reply back so I wouldn't expect to much help here even tho it is a Gibson forum.

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The 2013 VG Price Guide is just coming out, all I have as of now is the 2012. It list it at $525 to $650. It's the same for both versions, (2) 10" speakers or the 15" JBL. In my opinion, the 15" JBL should be worth more.

I usually use this guide & what things actually sell for on eBay etc.....to price something. This amp is so rare that youy likely won't find any to compare it to.

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