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New EP...Opinions Wanted...I think ;)


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Nice set of songs. Strangely, I like them best in the order they come in.

Long Before and Contrails I liked best equally. I can see from the tags what you were aiming for, but the first reminds me of Ray Davis mixed with a bit of Syd Barratt while the second could have been a Barrett out take from an early Floyd album. As I consider both of those people brilliant you can consider that as high praise. Long Before has a few sloppy bits (that snare break at the intro in particular) and some of the vocal is a bit out of tune in parts. Monster kick drum sound though, what is it?

Run All Night you've posted before, although this seems to be either a newer version or a re-mix. Seems better to me anyhow.

Love Forever and Here On My Own I wasn't so keen on. The melody of Here On My Own strayed into Oasis country in parts and that 'shusshy' echo spoilt the vocal for me.

I could say what I would have added, taken away or changed but they're your songs and that's how you wanted them to sound.

Really good and worthwhile effort though. Nice songs (two are excellent IMO), good arrangements and a nice clear recording. Thanks for sharing.

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