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Ace Frehley- Rip It Out/Love Gun (live)


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Is it just me, or does his version of "Love Gun" sound closer to the Alive II version compared to KISS nowadays (without Ace, really)?


It's too bad Scott Coogan ain't playing drums for him anymore (he left Ace's band as well as Lynch Mob to play with Lita Ford). Vocal-wise, he is just as good or better than Paul Stanley (without the time-wasting raps!), and he is definitely a heavier drummer than Peter Criss (and better than post-78 Peter. Peter wasn't really a heavy metal drummer but he kicked *** back in the day). The bass player, Anthony Esposito (original member of Lynch Mob), is better than Gene ever was or ever will be IMHO (this is a low-blow, but Gene always was and always will be a Sears-bass player, if you catch my drift). And his bass tone is much better (Gene's tone sounds like a glorified fart---and not in a good way like Jack Bruce). That other guy on the Explorer is Todd Youth. He used to be in Murphey's Law and has a band now called The Chelsea Smiles. And he's played with countless others, including Motorhead (he stood in for Phil Campbell for one tour) and even Glen Campbell. He's a product of the NYC hardcore scene of the 80s. And he's got epic attitude--NO POSERS ALLOWED IN ACE'S BAND!!!


Now we have evidence that the old-school KISS sound comes from Ace. KISS Inc. may have the bombs and smoke n' mirrors, but Ace has the balls, the attitude, and his name isn't on every product on the face of the Earth.



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