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I have been scrimping and saving for the last several months for a Les paul. Today I recieved a gift that put me over my savings goal. 1 week from today when a check hold is released I will be ordering my new Standard. I have been fighting myself over which guitar to get. My original plan was to get a classic custom. Then I played a Trad Pro and I liked the coil tap feature, but when I found out they are exlusive to GC and Musicians friend I finally settled on the New standard. Now to choose the color. Fireball and Honeyburst are on sale, but I really like the Translucent amber which is not on sale. I think I may just go for the Honeyburst. I dont know, it will be a show time decision. I like all of the colors that dont have a red back so I could really go any direction with that. This post really has no point, except to say that I am excited to be lucky enough to be getting such a great guitar.

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