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If you like fingerpickin'...my rendition of Dust in the Wind


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Good stuff, I learnt the intro to that song but might have a go at the whole version.


Which guitar did you use in the recording, I like the slightly grumpy tone it had ?


I used an inexpensive Angelica nylon string classical guitar in the recording. Just happened to be the guitar I was playing on Sunday when I became moved to record the song I'd been working on. In the video segment on the gazebo, I'm playing my 1964 Gibson J-45 Custom Shop. In the still photo at the beginning and end, I'm holding a guitar a street musician handed me in Southern California where I was visiting to play a song to give him a break (I gave the money I made to him)...and then I had him take a photo of me with my camera.


I too liked the sound of the guitar in the recording.


QM aka Jazzman Jeff

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