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broke truss rod


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Hi. Today has been horrible


I was setting up my SG with the strings not tensioned and slowly turning the wrench clockwise when I hear a snap and I panicked ... I looked inside the wrench and the darn NUT broke off with the truss rod inside of it!!!! I took a flat head screw driver and got the spacer out of there and I could see the end of the tross rod. upon inspection it was as if the rod just twisted off itself like a twizzler! The odd thing is that there was nowhere near enough friction for me to think "I better stop now or else I may be in trouble," it really came by surprise.


Now I saw there was a stew mac tool to fix this, but honestly, I am not trying to make things worse. So I hit up a local luthier for a quote. In the mean time, I was wondering if you guys had any idea what I could possibly get for a gibson sg standard with a broken truss rod??? If I shake the guitar, there is no knocking around inside the neck so I assume it is not completely ruined, it just need to have its more of the truss rod exposed so I can set the nut on the post. This is REALLY stressing me out and i feel so terrible about it that I wish I could just sell the whole thing and make the problem go away but i am probably over reacting.

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unfortunately, the only way(s) to save it would be to either cut back and expose more of the truss rod in order to tap and get the nut back on (which is what the stew mac tool is designed for), or remove the fingerboard and replace the entire truss rod.



and for future adjustments, I always loosen the truss rod before tightening just to be on the safe side and add a drop or two of 3-in-1 oil between the nut and washer

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