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j200 vs j200 M Trophy


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Dear All,


I would like to get J200 , since limited edition i have found j200 M almost 1000$ cheaper that standard j200 ( j200M Second hand price not quite sure about shop price)

what is your suggestion? is it worth ? i know j200 M is quite smaller than standard one. which one you pick ? and why ?

Please share you comments and advices.


Thanks very much ...

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From the specs it seems a J-200m Trophy is just a CJ-165, which has a very, very different tone to a J-200. I personally find the tone of those guitars tiny and unappealing (with a couple exceptions in rosewood).


If youre after a J-200 tone then youre going have to get a J-200 mate and spend the extra cash.


Keep an eye out on ebay for a J-150, which is identical to a J-200 but without the neck and headstock biding, and about $1000 less second hand.


I bought my J-150 from ebay for $1400 last year.



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it sounds cool but we dont have J 200 M Here in Istanbul - Turkey , I will get one from Ebay

Ozgurh ,


the only clip I have heard of the J200M Trophy is the following :



the guy from gibson starts talking about the J00M Trophy at 10:27 and when he stops talking he plays the guitar =)



I would say it sounds greateven if they don't have good recording equipment you can hear it has a great sound





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Keep your eyes open for a J-100Xtra. They pop-up on e(vil)Bay and can be had for a good price usually. In the maple back and sides version (circa 2000s), they are comparable to a J-200. Same size and same construction, just no bling. They have also been produced with mahogany and bubinga back and sides. I like my bubinga version very much.

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